About Us

It All Started From A Dreamyong

Yong started to learn dinghy sailing when he got his first paycheck, and went on to sail larger boats. He dreamt of owning his own boat some day. After he retired from the corporate world, he realised his dream with ‘Camelot’ – a 40 foot sailing catamaran that is stable and spacious for the family.

Helping out at his daughter’s Optimist sailing classes, he discovered the joy of sharing his passion for sailing with young people. He asked himself: ‘Hmm…Instead of sailing for leisure, perhaps I can actively promote sailing on my catamaran as my 2nd career?” Although he already has keelboat certifications, he wanted to pursue formal training for cruising catamarans. There are not many sailing schools offering such a very specialised subject and he found American Sailing Association (ASA)! Thus begins his journey of partnership with ASA as the first cruising catamaran sailing school in Singapore. And Camelot Sailing is born.