Introduction to Catamaran Sailing

One of Camelot Sailing’s passion is to introduce cruising catamaran sailing to more people, especially the young ones. So we have developed an introductory 1-day course comprising the basics of sailing, including,

  • Nautical Terms

  • Parts of the Boat

  • Wind and Tide

  • Destination and Directions (North, South, East, West)

  • Points of Sail

  • Steering/Helming

  • Tacking and Gybing

  • Introduction to Types of Sailing (Dinghy, Monohull Keelboat, Multihull Catamaran, etc)

  • Places to Learn Sailing in Singapore

We especially encourage schools and youth organisations to come in a group to experience the joy of sailing in a stable and ‘sheltered’ envitonment before venturing further to the various exciting forms of sailing!